John* suffered a traumatic childhood. One of his parents neighbours would threaten him with a gun, saying he would harm John, even kill his parents, if he didn’t perform certain things for him. It wasn’t until the age of 14 he was able to escape this horrible manipulation and abuse.

Unfortunately, he expressed his anger and fear through football violence and drugs misuse and eventually became mentally unstable and was consequentially sectioned for 7 years in a mental institution after attempting to kill himself.

John was prescribed 36 tablets a day. 6 years ago he was walking past Sowing Seeds Centre, noticed the illuminated cross in the window and came in. John was invited to the annual holiday week at the Jonas centre, gave his life to Jesus and was baptised in the nearby river. He got to know Catherine and they were married. Together, and with the ongoing support of Sowing Seeds Ministries, they continue to work through their healing process as a married couple.

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