Catherine* was 7 years old when she was taken into a local care home. This was the start of a life of physical and sexual abuse by her dad and some of the care home staff. She soon began to run away from the care home regularly, largely because this was the only time she would receive some positive attention. She would be brought back and treated to hot baths and food treats. At 11 years she became sexually active with boys because this was all she knew. She suffered multiple rapes and terrible beatings. At the age of 12 she found out who her mum was. At 25 she found her step granddad was really her father. After having children, they were quickly taken from her.

At 47 years of age she realised she wasn’t to blame for what had happened to her. She came to the Sowing Seeds Centre in 2018 for a cup of coffee and a sandwich but found Jesus.

Catherine continues to work through her healing and restoration with the ongoing support of Sowing Seeds Ministries. She is now married to John, a fellow client of the ministry, and is moving forward on the road of healing.

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