Your Contribution Can Help Achieve A Solution

In a world where we are bombarded with a whole range of statistics; numbers, ratios and percentages used to support a political position or to justify a course of action or a government initiative or law, we some times tend to lose sight of the details or the stories or situations that make up some of those statistics.

In the gospel writings we read that Jesus makes an interesting reference in Matthew 18 to numbers. He tells the story of the shepherd with 100 sheep. The shepherd left the 99 to seek after the ‘one’ who had wandered off. The ‘one’ outside of the security of the shepherd and the flock.

The ‘one’ cut off and in imminent danger. Jesus cared about and went after the ‘one’.

At Sowing Seeds, we passionately care about the ’one’. We strive daily to reach out, care for and try to rescue the many ‘one’s’. Looking beyond statistics – we connect with the ‘one’s’ who have been neglected, rejected, unloved, abused, written-off, – the helpless, the hopeless, the angry the addicted, the excluded and the imprisoned.