Why do we care about the ‘one’s’ – because this is Gram’s story.
He often tells a story to the hurting and struggling ‘one’s’ he meets.

It goes something like this: “There was an unfortunate individual who was travelling along the road who suddenly falls into a deep hole. There seemed to be no way out! A rich man passes by the hole and hears a cry for help. ‘Please help me get out!’ The rich man pulls a wad of notes from his pocket and tosses them into the hole and says, “Here’s some money to help you”, and then walks away. Sometime later a university professor walks by and he also hears the cry for help. He peers deep down into the hole and says, “I’ve done some research on the theory of escaping from holes and happen to have a copy of the report with me. Here you go, have a read through.”
He drops it down the hole. “I’m sure it will help,” and carries on his way.

Gram walks past and hears the same desperate pleas for help. Gram says don’t worry, I can help you and jumps in. He talks to the the trapped and weary victim face to face and says,’ I’ve been in a hole as deep as this and I got out. Let’s get moving!
At Sowing Seeds we are not particularly focussed on numbers but we are passionate about people